30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 16

| by Lou | 11:05am UK time |

A film that you used to love but now hate

I've been mulling over this and can't think of a single one.

You see, there are films that I used to love that I now instinctually avoid (one can assume that one's 30-year-old self will react quite different to Forrest Gump than one's 14-year-old self), and there are films I used to love that I now also love for their absolute cheese (top of the list here is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).

So instead of trying to force myself to come up with one I am going to use today to talk about something completely different.

The other day I watched The Philadelphia Stoy, which has featured on both Bel and Sonal's lists as a much-loved film.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that my much loved film High Society is actually a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story (the original film itself being an adaptation of the play).

Not particuarly remarkable, and in fact I'm sure most everyone familiar with either film already knew this... but! Isn't it weird that two films made 16 years apart should have the same Little Sister and the same Uncle Willie?

Were they suspended in time hanging out in the mansion waiting for the next film crew to arrive?

I present the evidence:

"Virginia Weidler" as Dinah Lord in 1940:

"Lydia Reed" as Caroline Leed in 1956:

"Roland Young" as Uncle Willie in 1940:

"Louis Calhern" as Uncle Willie in 1956:

Adding colour doesn't fool me!

For those who have seen neither film, I recommend going in chronological order. Knowing the story won't ditract from the gloriousness of seeing Sinatra and Crosby in full swing, whereas the reverse does deteriorate the gloriousness of seeing Katherine Hepburn in top form.