Probably One of the Best Things Ever

Posted by Lou. The time is 11:57am here in London, UK.

The most wonderful thing happened last night. I was at Rebel Bingo discovering the dangers of revisiting something you hold fond memories of - this time it felt weird: the crowd were young, real young, there were the kind of dickheads they expressly used to ban from coming, and the person on the door was rude. But the bingo was still awesome, and the half-time entertainment was... well... The Best Thing Ever.

A "normal" guy came up on stage having "volunteered" to provide a distraction whilst they got rid of the "police" (obviously spending their Friday night trying to bust underground bingo rings). He disappeared behind the curtain then burst out in a white Elvis jumpsuit with a couple of hoola hoops...

And I freaked out, realising it was one of my heroes - The Guy Who Hoola'd Into the Air in Last Year's BGT Semi-Finals! Oh Em Gee!!!

Thanks to my mobile phone you can share in this moment via The Worst Quality Videos You Will Ever See (don't mind my screaming in the background).

One thought on “Probably One of the Best Things Ever”

  1. Screaming in background: TOTALLY APPROPRIATE.

    Thank you for linking to their semi-final appearance, it was a glorious revisit. Nothing like watching a man hoola-hoop in mid-air to brighten up your Sunday morning! :D