And New Zealand sinks that little bit further...

Posted by Lou. The time is 10:34am here in London, UK.

In a move further deteriorating any sense of National Pride I may have ever had, the New Zealand government has decided that women who become pregnant on a temporary visa must leave the country irrespective of personal situation, and despite the fact that being born on New Zealand soil alone does not entitle the baby to citizenship.

And I thought the UK Home Office was bad...

Will they have immigration officers poking them with sticks and throwing tomatoes as they board their exit flights? And do the Baby Daddies have to leave too?

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One thought on “And New Zealand sinks that little bit further...”

  1. The thrust of their argument seems to be that the NZ maternity care system is over-stretched. What's the best way to deal with this? Put more money into hospitals and training? ON NO DON'T BE SILLY. Besides, New Zealand doesn't have any ROOM for more people SQUISHING IN everywhere.