Kleptomaniac vixen terrorising German villagers

Posted by Bel. The time is 9:49am here in Wellington, NZ.

No, really.

Please go and click on the link, if only to have a giggle at the caption they have on the photo there.

2 thoughts on “Kleptomaniac vixen terrorising German villagers”

  1. Genius!

    Almost as genius as a caption I found in one of my parents' European trip photo albums. Beside a hideous photo of a fucken road tunnel was the caption "tunnel like the one Princess Di was killed in".




    Much contemplating of perhaps having being adopted occurred until the parental unit responsible clarified that they had taken the photo thinking it was the tunnel (still weird), and then the shop developing the photos messed up and printed some incorrect ones and she didn't want to waste the photo.

    I would have wasted the photo. Immediately.

  2. Or have carefully saved the photo and put it in your album along with your photos of "patch of grass, possibly 'THE grass knoll' (or not)" and "concrete pavement in NYC, debatable as to whether or not the lasting resting place of Lennon", and "toilet seat, plastic, remnants of deep fried sanwich maybe visible - highly likely to be linked to E. Presley".