Size Zero: a rather unexpected turn of events

Posted by Lou. The time is 3:04pm here in London, UK.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of the British edition of Vogue, has sent a letter to top fashion designers demanding they stop the skinnier-than-skinny trend by providing magazines with more ethical sizes for sample garments.

Her statement that they are having to airbrush models to make them look larger is incredibly disturbing when you consider the size of models appearing on their pages.

Frankly, her letter couldn't have come soon enough.

One thought on “Size Zero: a rather unexpected turn of events”

  1. This is a real interesting development. So often the girls on the covers are criticised for being bad role models - when really, it does come down to those designers who create the clothes (or rather, the samples that are used for shoots) which need to take the initiative.

    If the editors of the magazines say 'the buck stops here', real change could happen. Would be great to see Roitfeld & Winters et al follow suit.