Current Workplace Obsession

Posted by Lou. The time is 12:42pm here in London, UK.

Yesterday I wandered into the office of two female colleagues and they clutched my arm and said "you must hear our favourite song!" and put on Peggy Lee's Is That All There Is?

I became immediatey obsessed. I have downloaded the song, memorised the good bits, and had it firmly embed itself in my brain.

Today I wandered up to a different female colleague and said "Is that all there is?" and she immediately launched into the chorus.

I think we might start a fan-club and I invite you to join.

You must download the Peggy Lee version to your hard-drive.

You must immediately love the song.

You must want to clap your hands in glee at the way she says "But I'm not ready for that final disappointment". (Bonus points if you do clap your hands in glee.)

You must find yourself randomly saying "is that all there is?".

You must then watch this YouTube clip of Bette Midler performing it.

You must find it moving.

(It is voluntary whether you then click on the Chatanooga Choo Choo link and love that too.)

One thought on “Current Workplace Obsession”

  1. Great song!! Those are lyrics to live by...

    Randomly, last night I saw a Bette Midler music video with Mick Jagger in it...!?!