as Precious as fleuroscent beige

Posted by Lou. The time is 5:53pm here in London, UK.

The title of this could just as easily refer to the film itself. It looks to be one of those rare gems that come along and blow those lucky enough to see it away with its unique voice and insight into characters all-too-seldom seen on the big screen.

Big ups to Oprah and Tyler Perry for backing it and hopefully getting it the sort of release it deserves and needs:

I'll be taking a box of tissues.

(do you reckon Bel's brainy enough to get the YouTube clip displaying the whole width?)

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One thought on “as Precious as fleuroscent beige”

  1. I am very tentative to admit that Mariah Carey looks like she might be kind of good in this. EEEP!!

    And I think that once the post goes down the page a bit and isn't banged up against the righthand sidebar, it might display better... You should still be able to use the 'full screen' button...?