Done and dusted.

Posted by Bel. The time is 7:30pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I spent all of this afternoon asleep in the sun on my couch. And if you're thinking, 'Jeepers! You sound like a lay-about bum!', well, that's because as of 5pm yesterday, I officially am.

On Monday, I was given a letter which made clear my "options". Apparently there was the choice of "redeployment", which sounds quite exciting - however in one concise paragraph it was elaborated that due to the small size of the organisation and the specialised nature of my role, there wasn't actually any other roles for me to fulfill. So scratch that. Redundant it is.

I went to work on Wednesday (yesterday) feeling apprehensive about the as-yet-unconfirmed meeting that was supposed to happen, to discuss the terms of the redundancy. But I got some great advice from my manager (who is also being given the chop) and preemptively emailed through my terms: three month's pay, all leave and days-in-lieu owing, the bonus I have coming up and for them to pay for sessions with a counsellor as well.

Nerve-wracking as it was going into the meeting, it all went well. The CEO agreed to everything, and offered to write me a reference too. At that point I said I would finish on Friday, but after having a sunny lunch in Civic Square with a friend, I came back and said "how about I finish at 5pm today?". And did just that - though it was about 6pm by the time I was done having an impromptu glass of wine with some of my workmates.

I'd cleared my desk out on Monday, already pulled all my photos off the wall by my desk, had clocked out mentally. On one hand, it seems strange to have wrapped it all up so quickly, but on the other, WHOO!!

3 thoughts on “Done and dusted.”

  1. Double-high-five-with-a-jump-and-a-woo!

    Totally the type of proactive approach that we should all utilise more often in our everyday life.

  2. Haha - yeah, thanks for the hugs... I am yet to face that disheartening enslaught of rejection letters that will really bring home the fact I am without income. I think that's when my optimism will be tested!

    Right now, with the bad weather outside, and me inside with a stack of books and a toasty fire... well... what can I say?! ;D