Campion repping it

Posted by Bel. The time is 3:43pm here in Wellington, NZ.

Hat tip to Lou, who first discovered the blog Women & Hollywood, where there is a new post up about Jane Campion.

Her film, Bright Star, is screening at Cannes, though this article focuses less on that and more on her role as a female director in general.

Campion is quoted as making the comment that she would like to see more female directors represented and that women need to "put on our coats of armour" to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

And in other Cannes-related news, a bonus point for guessing which new NZFC film gets the piss taken out of it by the Guardian in this slideshow of posters for movies in the Cannes market, "far away from the arthouse films being unveiled in competition".

One thought on “Campion repping it”

  1. This film sounds fucking awesome!!!!

    And Campion is, of course, fucking awesome.

    She makes really interesting comments on the commentary to In The Cut regarding the role of fairytales in the shaping of young minds towards gender, comments which may provide you with an excuse to watch Mark Ruffalo perform feats of cunning linguism twice - with dialogue, and with commentary.