Posted by Lou. The time is 4:00pm here in London, UK.

So someone has documented seeing dolphins commit infanticide. I feel so let down by them as a species. I mean, where all other species fail, dolphins were meant to be the wonderkids. The ones who are always smart, kind, considerate, loveable... but no. It seems they're just like us.


One thought on “Disappointment.”

  1. Um. I don't wanna pop your bubble any more, um, poppeder, but dolphins gang rape.

    I remember watching this thing once and the narrator (in that snooty voice that animal doco people have down pat) was all "Not only do dolphins relfect human behaviour in the way that they will indulge in procreational behaviours solely for recreational, there is a darker side to sex acts...". Gahh...

    However there are some search terms that just cannot be entered into google so you are just gonna have to trust me on this one.