"Like Life": Like, not too bad.

Posted by Bel. The time is 2:30pm here in Wellington, NZ.

Lorrie Moore's collection of short stories "Like Life" definitely rates above downerville "Bad Behaviour" (see previous book review) but it is nowhere near by All Time Fave short story collection The Girl's Guide To Hunting & Fishing.

It had chimes of both, and although there were some scenes which really grabbed me, it's been a day and I'm struggling to recall anything overall. It was as if the stories were shirking away from being too much of a statement in themselves. Perhaps it's symptomatic of the speed I'm reading at the moment (all this free time! whee!) and the head cold that's making everything fuzzy round the edges, but I'm not taking all that much away from it - except perhaps that people are somewhat humourous but pretty much all horrible.

One thought on “"Like Life": Like, not too bad.”

  1. I've never before thought of AGGtH&F as a short story collection. Even though, yeah, it clearly is. Interesting.