Unimpressed by "Bad Behaviour"

Posted by Bel. The time is 4.31pm here Wellington, NZ.

This collection of short stories by Mary Gaitskill was the #8 book I read off 'The List'. Sure, well-written I suppose, but unpleasant subject matter and hard-to-like characters made this a tough read regardless.

I'm not big on short stories and I found this demonstrated why: content became repetitive as we kept harking back to the same themes and the author's axe was ground on a minimal variety of topics. It gave me the same uncomfortableness that a novel like "The Corrections" did, but with much less sense of the absurd and any levity that could come from that.

In summary, 'WHAMPP WHAMMP'.

PS yes this is where the source material for Secretary starring Maggie Gyyylennenhaaaaall came from, but I thought that film was a confused lump of mixed messages with an unsatisfying resolution, so no suprise there.