Wherein I sing the praises of Abrakebabra's falafel kebab burger.

Posted by Bel. The time is 5:32pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I have always like Abrakebabra, for their hilarious name, if not their delicous Middle Eastern food products. Tonight they once again came through, with a delicious redition of my favourite: the falafel kebab burger.

It is better than a kebab because you get to eat turkish bread! Yes! And this is why Abrakebabra stays at the top of the list. They would never resort to using common white bread burger buns, no: you get yummy thick turkish style bread. (One of my favourite types of bread, up there with ciabatta. But that is a WHOLE OTHER post.)

So this is the one downside of the falafel kebab burger: it is very filling. But if you are having a late lunch and feel like you need a decent feed, I think it is the best value $6.50 will get you.

PS lots of people get skeeved out by kebab shops because of the rotating meat stick things, which is understandable. This is why I always asked for the vege option, even before I was a hardout vege! But guess what: at Abrakebabra they cook in canola oil, not lard or dripping or anything (the guy told me tonight) so I reckon they are pretty OK.

PPS I might be a bit biased because when I told him that actually I was having a really bad day, he gave me a few hot chips on a serviette while I was waiting, to cheer me up, but you know, it just goes to show their general all round awesomeness.

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