The Geek-Hot List

Posted by Lou. The time is 11:52am here in London, UK.

Here is my list of the elite geek-hot - men who I wouldn't recognise if I passed them in the street, but who through their talent have me ready to drop everything and come running if beckoned:

1. Ryan North. T-Rex toonist. HOT.

2. Dave Eggers. Writer/ editor. HOT.

3. Michael Chabon. Novelist. HOT.

4. Seth MacFarlane. He of The Family Guy. HOT.

5. Charlie Kaufman. Screenwriter. HOT.

PS could somebody do a psychological study on the fact that by coincidence 3 of these guys look like each other and like every guy I've ever had a crush on even though I didn't know what they looked like at the time of crushing?

2 thoughts on “The Geek-Hot List”

  1. You forgot to add 'screenwriter' to Dave Egger's credentials. He's whipped up Where The Wild Things Are with Spike Jonze, remember??

    I would only add to this list (selected with the art of a connesieur) one more person:

    6. Brian K Vaughn. Comic book writer/screenwriter. HOT.

    He created some of my all-time fave graphic novels, Runaways and Y: The Last Man.

    Also, Michael Chabon asked him to write the actual comics of the comics created by Cavalier & Klay in 'The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Klay'.

    ALSO, he has written for Lost (I'm not sure what seasons, sorry Lou).