Amazing Survivor Tyra's Got Biggest Talent Idol Factor

Posted by Lou. The time is 9:19pm here in London, UK.

My name is Lou and I'm a reality tv addict.

It started with Survivor. Then there was Amazing Race. Then American Idol. Biggest Loser. And then America's Next Top Model rocked my world.

But I moved to the UK and my programmes were ripped away from me. I developed a tic. Starting waking in the night crying "Tyra! Tyra!". At a workshop somebody played a showreel previewing the latest series big American reality tv shows and I actually shed a tear at what I was missing.

But I soon discovered X Factor. And it was good.

But there was better to come.

Britain's Got Talent, oh how I love thee. You are the best of things, the worst of things. You combine manipulative editing, a mighty despot, Britain's favourite double-act, and a weird and wonderful mix of all people to create something like perfection.

Nothing less than tv heaven.

Shaheen and Stavros and Flawless and, yes, Susan, and we're only 2 weeks in.

Britain's Got Talent, I think I love you.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Survivor Tyra's Got Biggest Talent Idol Factor”

  1. Are you gutted that you're missing Season 1 of New Zealand's Next Top Model??

    That you haven't had the chance to embrace Teryl-Leigh, Rebecca Rose, Jacinta and the other rising stars of NZ reality tv to your square-eyed bosom..? Because we have truly reached a new pinnacle of trash over here ;D

    PS what are your thoughts on Project Runway? Because that is my fave EVAH