101 things 1001 days: #29 Get heart/pen tattoo

| by Bel | 11.19am NZ time |

This, my fourth tattoo, was done by Capilli at Sacred Tattoo in Auckland:

My attempt at taking a photo of my own back, which doesn't show the new tattoo at all:

A slightly more helpful photo, also showing part of my swallows and banner tattoo done by Jane at Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne:

Here is the design in its original incarnation:

It is based on a traditional Mexican fortune telling card, and the Bic biro.

Completed on July 2nd, with 898 days left of my Day Zero Project

2 thoughts on “101 things 1001 days: #29 Get heart/pen tattoo”

  1. He was suuuuuuper quick. 20 mins on the outline, 20 mins on shading. The first few minutes were aaaawwwful and I had to work very hard not to flinch each time the gun touched my skin, but after a while you just sort of settle into it. I find yoga breathing is incredibly helpful!