101 things 1001 days: #2 Renew my Learners licence

| by Bel | 9.53am NZ time |

My (yes, Learners) driving licence expired last year, and with my passport coming up for renewal too, I was in the awkward position of having no current ID whatsoever. Whoops.

I was fretting pretty hard on the assumption that because it had expired, I would have to resit the practical test. Ok, sure, it's just a paper exam thing but my anxieties around driving are so freaking out of proportion these days that even that seemed a terrifying task.

FORTUNATELY I was alerted to the detail that two years have to lapse before they make you resit anything. I was in the safe zone just to do a reapplication. Yay!

(Truth be told, even that got my hands all sweaty as I stood in line. FEARS!!)

Completed last week, with 908 days left of my Day Zero Project!

4 thoughts on “101 things 1001 days: #2 Renew my Learners licence”

  1. I'd recommend getting professional lessons to start. Do a couple to pick up the basics quickly and properly, then do your driving with a trusted person (um, perhaps one of your brothers rather than your husband? hee hee), then complete with another couple of lessons.

    I had gone out with my sister a couple of times and found it all really difficult and stressful, then the professional teacher had me driving through the sprawling metropolis of Invercargill with confidence in no time.

    (And don't even think about attempting parallel parking. Ever. It just knocks the confidence.)

  2. Very good advice! And yes, driving lessons with my brothers were going very well... until I crashed Dad's car >.<