Less than a week til the Oscars...

Posted by Bel. The time is 3.42pm here in Wellington, NZ.

How excited are you? I am average-to-mediumly excited. Probably more excited than you, if we are doing this on a scale of normal-people-excitedlyness. But probably not as excited as Gabourey Sidibe, waiting to hear back if Justin Timberlake is free to be her date for the big night!

There has been lots of things going on as the Academy Awards approach. Apparently Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep were co-awarded Best Actress at the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics Choice awards, which resulted in this display of mutual joy:

Who is that in the background? It kinda looks like, um, Amy Poehler's husband. Will Arnett, is that his name? He is totally digging it, anyway.

Kathryn Bigelow continues to advance strongly upon that gleaming statuette engraved with 'Best Director'. She scooped up the BAFTA, being the first woman to do so, and whilst wearing a smokin' hot disco mini.


I would like to see James Cameron attempt any kind of acceptance speech in heels that high. Yowzers.

As well as the continued bickering and battling about whether or not this is a battle of the sexes/exes, there have been other controversies surrounding the 82nd Academy Awards.

Novelist Walter Kirn wrote the book Up In The Air, the film version of which, starring George Clooney, has been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, amongst other things. (Ohhh, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress x2, you know...) And yet this creative originator received a big ole snub, with no golden ticket to the Oscars ceremony.

Perhaps, as a writer myself, I'm a little biased. I've often wondered how it would feel to have material taken and crafted into something different by people who work in another media. But clearly this has gone on to be a huge success. And as the man himself said, "I want to be there in the same way you want to be at your high school graduation or your best friend’s birthday party." Awwhh! Poor dude.

Maybe the Cloonster could've taken along a cardboard cutout of him??

But, fear not, Kirn took to Twitter and his plaintive tweets finally wrangled him a ticket to the ceremony - as well as a bunch of extra publicity.

Some are already doing the red carpet rounds, and Livia Firth is documenting the awards season frenzy, as well as doing her best to keep it enviromentally sound.

Who's that you ask?

Oh, well, she is just the woman married to THIS GUY:
Haha - that was the internet equivalent of kicking Lou in the ovaries.

Livia Firth (or Mrs Colin Firth, as the mail that arrives at their gracious home might sometimes be addressed) is blogging for Vogue UK on her 'Green Carpet Challenge'.

It is a great insider's view to all the faffing about and trying on of frocks and so on that goes with these kind of events - but to see someone dedicated to thinking about sustainable products and ethical fashion at the same time is really refreshing.


She also comes across as quite funny and smart. (Sorry, Lou.) (I do think she should have gone with that greenish frock and not the yellow for the BAFTAs, if that helps.)

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  1. Well I 'spose if he has to be with someone it should be someone who seems quite smart and down-to-earth and environmentally conscious and who blogs. Sigh.