From a distance ( la la laa)

Posted by Bel. The time is 3.25pm here Wellington, NZ.

I just came across this. Chances are it's like with Stuff White People Like and everyone else found out about it last year, but anyway.

NASA have some kind of photo gallery online called the Earth Observatory, with the snaps their astronauts have taken, or off satellites or something. (It's space. We're not supposed to understand.) It's not your average Facebook photo album, these photos are taken more than arm's length away - they are quite amazing and beautiful and have very good captions too.

Here is Wellington (remember Wellington, Lou??):

Click to view large

Or go through to the NASA webpage for all the info.

It says that it was taken with an 800mm lens, which from my somewhat limited knowledge, is quite massive. Bigger than those ones you see professional photographers using on the sidelines of sports games, although apparently they do get used some times in wildlife photography. (I am picking up a lot from Google Images right now. God bless the internet.)

Here's a photo taken last week after the earthquake in Chile - click through to the website for the details: Smoke Plumes over Concepcion, Chile, Following Large Earthquake

And in 2007, they captured this amazing shot of the bushfires in Victoria:

However, when it comes to outer space, this will be my final word on the matter:
 (From this website - yes! It's a tee shirt! Conspiracy theories in 100% cotton! Me likey.)