Last minute Oscar frenzy!!

Posted by Bel. The time is 11.45am here in Wellington, NZ.

Okay, people! Today's the day! If you, like poor ole Lou and me, are trapped somewhere with obscured seating (aka NO ACCESS TO A TELLY AT ALL) then kia kaha and let me know what live blog you have found as I plan on having several tabs open and giving my F5 button a good pummelling.

For a last dose of hype, here are some fun links I couldn't help but dive upon like Sarah Palin with a free goody bag:

How an Oscar Statuette is Made

A step-by-step insight to the process and some interesting (to me!!) facts. Did you know they weigh 8 and a half pounds? I don't know how to convert that to kilos, but it sounds like a lot!

The creation of the awards is not the only artwork going on in Los Angeles. British graff artist D*Face has made his mark, installing these 6 foot tall sculptures around the city with the inscription: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep.

Women & Hollywood has steadfastedly tracked the build up to the Academy Awards from the perspective of the achievements of female filmmakers. A fever pitch of excitement about Kathryn Bigelow's opportunity to break the 82 year all-male grasp on the Best Director Oscar culminates in a post with some talking points about just what this means...

And let's finish with pondering on whether or not James Cameron is a facist. This article from GOOD (a website I highly recommend) goes back to Susan Sontag's review of Nazi propagandist Leni Reifensthal’s late career photo essay, The Last of the Nuba and points out how it could very easily become a review of Cameron's Avatar, with its parallels in idealism of the primitive and presumed moral superiority.

Wow, and my main problems with the film had been to do with the fact that in the future boys still have dumb tribal art tattoos and that his wheelchair was an antique, with design apparently having not changed for over 200 years!

2 thoughts on “Last minute Oscar frenzy!!”

  1. Hey love,

    My flatmate is live-blogging it for Empire UK on

    I'm going to see if I can find a live-stream when the ceremony starts ... and try to stay awake!

  2. Sonal, can you please tell your flatmate that that live-blog is the core of my existence right now??

    So many other ones act as if you can see the screen too! SO ANNOYING!! Theirs has transcripts of speeches and cute tidbits and all! Love!