Sea Shepherd in port in Wellington this weekend

Posted by Bel. The time is 9.53am here in Wellington, NZ.

Sea Shepherd information poster:

Poster text:

Sea Shepherd & Friends of Ocean Conservation

Friday 19th March: 12noon - 2pm Open Forum with Captain Paul Watson @ Parliament Grounds - grass area
5.30pm Powhiri for the Steve Irwin's arrival at Queen's Wharf

Saturday 20th March: 10am Ship Tours on the Steve Irwin at Queen's Wharf
11am - 1pm Talk by Captain Paul Watson @ Chicago Bar, Queen's Wharf

6-11pm Paul Bethune Charity Concert @ Sandwiches
  • Tiki Taane
  • Rhombus Sound System
  • Steel Burning
  • Riki Gooch & Sean Deans
  • & Special Guests
Tickets $25 per person or 5 for $100 / limited door sales $30
Buy tickets online here

More info on Facebook: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of New Zealand
Lisa @ 04 972 0240 / 027 286 8642
Marcus @ 021 144 9249

The Sea Shepherd made the front page in recent months when the Japanese whaling harpoon vessel (oh, I'm sorry, "research ship") rammed and destroyed the Ady Gil. Determined to stand between these hunters and the endangered whales who enjoy the supposedly protected habitat of the Antarctic, the lives of the crew was put in huge danger by this reckless attack.

New Zealander Simeon Houtman, Sea Shepherd camera operator, suffered broken ribs in the collision

New Zealand is in an awful situation at present, in which the views of the majority of the public are not being represented by our government. National has just voted to support the reinstatement of commercial whaling - siding themselves with Japan and other nations (Norway, Iceland) that hunt down the ocean's endangered species.

I refuse to believe that this reflects how the people of this country feel. Just as with National's moves to initiate mining in national parks and their reversal of election promises to not raise GST, we have a short-sighted political party blundering ahead with their own selfish agenda.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd in port in Wellington this weekend”

  1. So they think the best way to eliminate commercial whaling in the South Pacific is to support commercial whaling? Totally makes sense National, good work.