David Shrigley tells you what you need to know about jumpers

Posted by Bel. The time is 12.23pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I have to admit that I'm not enough of a woollenwear connoisseur to be familiar with Pringle of Scotland, a label established in 1815. But apparently they originated the much esteemed Argyle pattern, so congratulations to them as they celebrate 195 years in the fashion business. We fans of patterned cardigans salute you!

Argyle platforms? Yes please! And Lou will take them as brogues, I bet.

US President of Style, rocking an argyle cardie. (Note overwhelmed children in background, embarrassed by their abundance of beige.)

My original icon of argyle (and knee socks), Cher Horowitz.

David Shrigley is a Scottish artist whose illustrations manage to at once capture both the most basic and complex matters of life. His crude drawing style makes his pictures immediately accesible and funny, yet so often the comedy comes from a 'sad but true' element. Oh and he uses lots of text as image...  le sigh!!



And now he has turned his attentions to that simple and essential item, the woolly jumper. (Or 'sweater'. Which do you say?)

5 thoughts on “David Shrigley tells you what you need to know about jumpers”

  1. If I've never given you a David Shrigley card it probably means I don't love you.

    I believe Lotte was the lucky recipient of the cup of tea one.

  2. PPS come to think of it... that's a quite weird name for it? At least sweater makes sense (in that it's so warm it makes you sweat with warmth! (I guess that's why we don't use that name in the UK - it's never warm enough to sweat in a sweater...))

  3. Something to do with, um, sheep... jumping?

    I recently sent my sister-in-law a Shrigley postcard to congratulate her becoming impregnated. There has been no comment made on this however... perhaps because it was one of his particularly grotesque drawings of an insect-like thing with another beastie emerging from within and the caption: 'the horror of birth is not something we often think of during sex'.

    (heh heh)

  4. Speaking of jumpers (and Shrigley - I feel he could do something with this...): http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/8537773.stm