Vigilante acts of guerilla punctuation

Posted by Bel. The time is 1.47pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I always have a marker in my bag. Along with a whole pile of generally unnecessary crap, but then there are those times when a big black pen is just what you need.

Those times, for example, when you just can't walk past the blatant misuse or neglect of an apostrophe. Although, perhaps I was wrong - perhaps this is a barber for multiple Daves?

Oh dear. I have only just noticed that they did also decide that there are several James Smithsesesss, rather than that the market belongs to James Smith.

Hmmm. Perhaps they get some kind of bonus point for consistency at least?

3 thoughts on “Vigilante acts of guerilla punctuation”

  1. AWES. Not me, but definitely one of the vigilante guerilla punctuators of advertising justice. (V.G.P.A.J. for short.)