Triumph of the nerds (again)

Posted by Lou. The time is 4.15pm here in London, UK.

Once again it's triumph of the nerds as a hobbying metal detector defies social ostracism to find what a jaw-droppingly magnificent, breath-takingly significant, bank-breakingly effluent stash of anglo-saxon gold.

After 18 years detecting, Terry Herbert has found 1,500 pieces of gold and silver dating back to the 7th century just sitting there buried in a field - an unparalleled find.

I mean seriously - check this shit out! It's amazing!

An expert says they don't even know who it could possibly have belonged to as finding such a mammoth collection defies wealth of the time.

It reminds me what a mind-fuck living in Britain is - walking around on several-hundred-year-old cobblestones with god-knows-what under our feet.

Perhaps I should take up metal detecting...

One thought on “Triumph of the nerds (again)”

  1. Oh wow - so beautiful and evocative, too. I can't help but starting imagining who would have worn this, all those years ago...

    Now days jewellery is seen as a predominantly feminine domain - but so many of these pieces have a real masculine edge to them. You can see a burly warrior reinforcing their status with a shiny, thick wristband like that!

    Get to it, Lou! Here we're lucky to unearth a 1987 commemorative tea towel!