Period piece: advertising and the dreaded b-word

Posted by Bel. The time is 12:01pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I know that Lou is the tennis fan, and that due to my lack of a television, there's a high chance everyone else has already seen this - but I'm posting it anyway. I love it.

Advertising for "women's sanitary products" tends to be rather coy, particularly in the American market from what I've read. Great to see this champion doing such an edgy and funny piece - I hope she got a lifetime supply as part of her endorsement! Jezebel has an article about the ad, questioning why aren't more famous faces used to sell such an essential product.

Along the same lines, copyranter praises a French print ad (Tampax again!) which actually emphasises the no-leakage benefits of a tampon (for when you're swimming with sharks, in particular), rather the demurely using blue liquid and euphemisms.

4 thoughts on “Period piece: advertising and the dreaded b-word”

  1. This is the first tampon ad I've seen that hasn't made me want to boycott the product. Apart from the libra pad ads in the olden days where the girl used them to wipe up blood after she murdered someone.

  2. Haha I can totally see Serena doing a remake of that ad too!

    I think the ad I hated the most was that one where the girl was playing electric guitar. One hand I was like, oh cool, she's rockin out. On the other it's like WTF? your cotton based product will make me more musically talented? is that your point?! It will help me channel my cramps into head-banging awesomeness?? Well played, bc usually I feel like a cup o tea and a lie down.

  3. I'm guessing you guys haven't yet had the pleasure of the "Have a happy period!" ads.

    Yes, I am being serious.

    "Have a happy period!"

    Not only are women pressured to be perfect in every other way - good employees, great mothers, sexy and capable wives, studious upholders of societal values - we now also have to be happy whilst our bodies contract in the pain of having your uterine lining cramp its way out of our bodies.