L'amour for Polyvore - at a price

Posted by Bel. The time is 11:26pm here in Wellington, NZ.

My latest internet obsession: polyvore.com

It's kinda like paper dolls meets Project Runway - online. Stardoll but for grown-ups, I desperately tried to convince Mark, who has seen his daughters fall prey to that site (the most popular children's website in the world).

Here are my evening's efforts (I spent, like, 15 minutes, tops - honest. Cough)...

So as you can see, I'm sorted for my sister-in-law's wedding next month. Assuming I can transform myself into Audrey Hepburn that is. Le sigh.

But, seriously it was quite fun and useful for 'mocking up' outfits and the functionality of the site is just mind-blowing. You can search by whatever item you have in mind (e.g. shirt, shoes, etc) or set the colour and it will pull up every possible thing in that corresponding shade. There's a social networking aspect to it as well - let alone the fact that every item on the site links back to the merchant's website: so you can buy that gorgeous hot pink Diane Von Furtenburg dress in real life if you feel so inspired! And so wealthy!

The fact that such a huge proportion of young web users are logging on to Stardoll (the 'higher levels' of which can only be reached through payment) means that a website like this will only grow in popularity - and profits - in coming years.

Addition by Lou. The time is 3.27pm here in London, United Kingdom.

I'm hijacking Bel's post coz thanks to her I've just spent about an hour on the site and bought 2 dresses. I am far too lacking in fashion knowledge to create such an interesting collection, but did challenge myself to put something together where each item costs over £1,000. The handbag is juuuust under £1k but I love it so couldn't resist. Predictably, it is a hot red dress with all black accessories, and what I would wear if Bel took me out for a girl's night in NYC and we were RICH (and I didn't have boobs to ruin the dress (and was able to walk in heels)):

5 thoughts on “L'amour for Polyvore - at a price”

  1. Hey Lou,

    as you may (or not?) know I'm in Wellyvegas at prez but heading to London in about 3 weeks if you'd like me to bring you anything (vegemite, marmite or coffee). Email me - sinvidya at gmail dot com.

    I Love the outfits you've both created btw. Neat! (Neat? I sound like a twenties housefrau. Oh well.)

  2. At least it wasn't "neat-o"! haha ;)

    It is such a fun site to play around - oops, create on. I hadn't even considered the prices of the garments, as I never buy anything from overseas on the internet. I always assume postage will be too expensive and that if it's not a good fit, it'll be too much hassle.

  3. Aha! So you are the Bella HM who has favourited my collection for Roller Derby at PPP! You know you can add in your own clippings from local sites, right? So shipping shouldn't be such a big deal. Not that I mean to enable your addiction or anything...

  4. Whoooa... so busted ;)

    Funny - I saw your sets on polyvore (polyMORE!!) and then this morning the PPP post was on my Google Reader! Very nice work.