Book review: The House Of The Spirits

Posted by Bel. The time is 5:00pm here in Wellington, NZ.

Filled with magical realism and historical details, this compelling story plays out over several generations of a vivacious Chilean family, divided and united by love, ghosts and politics.
I highly recommend this book - not just because it is a great read with wonderful memorable characters, but also because it tells an important story of South America.


I wrote that review thing for my goodreads profile back in November 08, when I was into it for about 2 minutes. I must've been feeling not very into anything that day, because although The House Of The Spirits was one of the first books I read off 'The List', it went straight to my All Time Faves list and remains there.

A quick note on the cover, to begin: The picture here is of the cover that I had. But! It is sort of an optical illusion, in that there are metallic sort of lines down the image, so you only see it on specific angles, or in a certain light. And I was like, half through the book before I even NOTICED!! Weird. But then I ALWAYS SAW IT from then on, so I was like 'how was I blind to this before!? Did someone switch books on me...??'.

But anyhoo, seriously - this is an amazing read. Soon after I read In The Time Of The Butterflies, which also has a tumultuous South American setting and I was like "meh... it's not The House Of The Spirits though, is it?".

The House Of The Spirits by Isabel Allende - Highly recommended
First published 1985, Chile
#4 on 'The List' of 75 books total (71 to go!)