Sweets that I like and hate.

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My all-time favourite sweets are M&Ms.

(This prompted a conversation with a colleague regarding the fact that "sweets" are the British term for what Kiwis would call "lollies", but we wouldn't classify M&Ms as lollies even though they fit within sweets (Right? We'd call them chocolates?). So I have decided to betray my country and use the term sweets. (This led to discovering that the British use the term "lollies" to describe what we would call "lollipops". (Which then led to the question "So you have lollies, lollipops, and ice-lollies?" at which point I had to introduce the term "ice-blocks". (Do not fear, I will stick with lollipop and ice-block.))))

I like jaffas.

(This confuses me - Kiwis would consider a jaffa a lolly right? So why wouldn't we consider an M&M a lolly? Effectively they're the same thing, just with a slightly different flavour and shape.)

I like pineapple lumps.

(I actually didn't use to particularly like pineapple lumps when living in New Zealand, but mum has so studiously sent me a packet twice a year that I have grown to enjoy them immensely.)

I like jelly babies.

(These grew on me from London Marathon days where it goes something like "hand out a few to runners, eat a few, hand out a few to runners, eat a few" etc.)

I like mints.

(All kinds and types of mints. Any mint whatsoever makes me happy.)

I hate liquorice all-sorts.

(I hate any and all liquorice products.)

I hate pick'n'mix.

(Seriously - what is the point of buying a bag of sweets if you don't have any particular regard for most of the contents?)

I like and hate revels.

(I like the malteasers, peanuts and buttons, and hate the orange, coffee and raisans. (My perfect Revels partner is Sheree, who hates the malteasers. (Unfortunately she lacked the ability to tell which was which by feel, so I'd be happily chomping away while she had every second dip result in a "D'oh!".)))

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