Lollies that I like and hate:

| by Bel | 10.42am NZ time |

I like Eclair sweets.

I like Clinkers. (And I guess the colour each time before I bite in.)

I like jersey caramels, but the quality of these has dropped DRAMATICALLY since childhood years.

I hate with the fury of a thousand suns Fruit Bursts.

I hate Tangy Apples.

I hate Tangy Fruits, except for the sound their packaging adds to the small town cinema experience.

I hate Oddfellows.

But please keep in mind that above all, I do not have a sweet tooth and would choose a bag of chips over all lollies, block of chocolate or ice-cream any day of the week.

5 thoughts on “Lollies that I like and hate:”

  1. Wow. With the exception of Eclairs, all the lollies you like, I loathe, and all the ones you hate, I like. Though I'd give tangy apples a miss. Blergh.

  2. Hmmm. This could work to our advantage, in that we'd never scrap over the last of the bag?

    I realised today I had my lolly soulmate at work, which explains why my favourites are always in stock at every meeting and morning tea ;)

  3. Oddfellows are my absolute favourite lolly for car trips - they distract me from carsick wooziness and I eat them compulsively (though that may also be related to my mum eating them compulsively while pregnant with me, they're in my blood)

    I really like the way they turn to liquid inside if you suck on them long enough, but writing that down is turning me on to the fact that it sounds quite gross and perhaps that is why you don't like them? For me, it elevates them far above all other peppermints. What is there to look forward to in a Mint Imperial?

  4. Other than not being a fan of tangy apples, my tastes are completely the opposite. Megan and I must never share lollies.

  5. If you guys eat these sweets every day then you may well get lots of decay in your teeth. It hurts, looks bad and is expensive. Not a good idea. Only once per week is a good idea for sweets!

    From a dentist