30 Days of Film: Bel's day 28

| by Bel | 12.30pm NZ time |

Favourite film from your favourite director

Mainly because it is going to incur the wrath of Lou, I'm going to say Dazed and Confused by Richard Linklater.

I think we can all agree, if nothing else, that it is one of Ben Affleck's greatest roles?

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Bel's day 28”

  1. Eep! It's got that guy in it! We were watching Party Down recently and decided that season two MAKE season one seem better.

    And as I say often on this blog, I should watch this movie.

  2. The guy who played the weirdo flatmate on Friends who had the pet fish who was really a cracker?? That guy!? :D Is he on Part Down somehow??

    (And yes, yes you should.)

  3. Oops. Totally a case of mistaken identity. Kyle is far too young to be in Dazed and Confused.