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Every time I see photos of myself from a social function I think "gosh I'm boring" as I never really move beyond eye-liner as my one and only "look". With a wedding coming up and Bel selfishly living on the otherside of the world so unavailable to do my make-up for me I've been doing some googling and trying to come up with some variety. (I swear this has nothing to do with the bride seating me next to that single heterosexual guy she's been wanting to set me up with for yonks.)

The interweb is telling me that for blue eyes I should be wearing browns (reiterated by Bel once putting some copper on me to great effect, but I can't track down that specific shade and am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to imitate her application). However I personally always prefer my trusty black-and-silver (which I have jazzed up by applying over a base of light blue). But then I wonder if I'm just really boring and don't like trying new things?

So dear readers, I ask you for your opinion - browns or black-and-silver?

I'm pointing at the black-and-silver

Further information: I will be wearing a royal blue dress, and my hair will probably be a lighter auburn colour.

Because I am taking this very seriously, here is a closer up shot. Which begs the question that has haunted my life - why do my teeth look so yellow in photos? I swear they're not yellow in real-life. And I don't smoke, and certainly haven't had enough cups of tea in my life to warrant it. Hmph.

Also why does it look like I have very little eye shadow on
when to me while applying it is practically bucketed on?

(I also don't yet have any shoes to wear, but that's not as easily solved via the interweb.)

5 thoughts on “Blue eyes”

  1. Being a blue eyed girl myself I would highly recommend going "brown" for everyday look or for when wearing earthy colours. For that "special" look I would recommend using a neutral base and then picking a WOW colour. I have this amazing green MAC eyeshadow which I love but I would probably suggest a blue to go with your dress. Perhaps time to visit the MAC counter??

  2. I can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier! Speshly considering I spent about 20 mins examining those photos in zoom!!

    Another handy thing is those eyeshadow kits designed for eye colour. I think Revlon does one?? Gives you a good starting point from which to get creative :D

    Re yellow looking teeth: Photoshop?

    Re bucketing it on: make up is almost always never as full on as you imagine. So go put some more on!

    Re shoes: please keep us posted.

  3. Can I suggest a grey/gold or a plum/violet colour? (One that doesn't clash with the auburn hair obviously). I suggest either mac or you could check out these guys... (they have a vegan palette, I am a fan).

    What colour jewellery are you wearing (if any?)...
    Keep us posted :) x

  4. Update: Found the Revlon smokey eyes blue palette, memorised the instructions, and bought a cheaper version. Wore it yesterday and received compliments and noted its staying power as being a-okay for a long wedding reception.

    Have been using a Bobbi Brown brown palette I've had for a while but barely used for everyday use.

    For shoes I have scoured the whole of London and ended up reverting to a barely-alive pair of cute peep-toe blue floral flats. Orange toenails should help distract.

    Jewellery will be minimal - just some crystal dangly earrings. My hair will be the real accessory!

    Wedding is Saturday, I will no doubt have an update post of what I ended up doing sometime when the hangover has faded.

    Thanks for taking this serious matter so seriously ;)