30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 28

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Favourite film from your favourite director

Pulp Fiction, all the way.

Three fun facts about Pulp Fiction related to my Invercargill teenagerhood:

1. A school friend was given a VHS copy for her 14th birthday by our school's priest*. We started to watch it, but one of the girls there was the principal's daughter and her parents had come along. They conferred with the birthday girl's more liberal-minded parents in the kitchen, and before we'd gotten more than 2 minutes in they turned it off and forbade us from watching it. This of course made us even more desparate to see it.

2. My 5th form economics teacher was fresh out of uni and would willingly engage in a bit of a 'youth' chat**. One day he came over to help me and my friend, and somehow ending up telling us about how Morgan Freeman's character asks the robber to get his wallet out of the bag and the guy says "which one is yours?" and he says "the one that says bad mother fucker" and the guy pulls out his wallet and sure enough it said bad mother fucker. He thought that was the best thing ever. It probably actually is.

3. My mother decided that she was going to watch Pulp Fiction when it premiered on television, because people from her work liked it. I told her she was going to hate it***. She insisted on watching it nonetheless, but within 5 minutes had turned it off. I was watching it in the other room and so when they got to the adrenalin countdown evilly shouted out for her to change the channel, leading to her flicking over at this exact moment and being utterly mortified:

*Yes, he was a young and kind of weird priest. Later on the same school friend's mother stalked him and it's actually a really tragic story of psychiatric illness.

**Yes, this did go badly. Several of the girls in my class were precocious enough to entirely put him on edge by bringing him close to the line of inappropriate behaviour. I felt quite sorry for him.

***My mother doesn't swear. I once heard her say shit and was absolutely shocked. Luckily my siblings and I inherited our vocab from dad.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 28”

  1. Somebody needs to make a film about growing up in Invercargill. And I think you are the one who should write it. And those anecdotes should be in it. They Are Amazing.

  2. 1. Seconded, Lotte. That should have been your Day 24, Lou!

    2. I remember when my dad channel hopped over to the first televised screening of Pulp Fiction (no doubt the very same one you were watching with your parent, Lou!!) and it was the long tedious scene where Bruce Willis is talking to the back of Marsellus Wallace's head. And my dad was like HARRRUMPH and I was like *swoony, lost to the art of cinema*.

    3. There needs to be a whooooole other blog post about the realm of parental cursing.