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Bel and I really like to discuss science.

Nail science, that is.

Not so long ago nail polish was relegated to decorating my toenails in times of summer, but after Bel dragged me along to the O.P.I. counter at Kirks last year I've become a little bit addicted.

Hence after she sent me this link to some nail science of the highest order, I decided to try and do something different.

Turns out I'm as unco-ordinated as I expected to be, and only managed this appallingly simple effort despite being fairly ambi-dexterous:

This is A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find with a touch of Big Apple Red on the tips
(yes I do select colours based on their names)
(and yes, my hand is so wrinkly that the macro zoom did indeed focus on the wrinkles)

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Science.”

  1. It is freehand BUT... it is attempt #3! First two were of yellow with orange tips, but the stark colour difference meant the uneven and wobbly lines were too obvious so I gave up and reverted to orange with red. Considered using tape in place of french tip stickers but that seemed like something that would turn into more hassle than it was worth...