30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 4

Posted by Lou The time is 10.00am here in London UK

A film that makes you sad

I once watched Dancer in the Dark. By myself.

I cried hysterically for about half an hour.

The next day at work Bel had to give me a hug because I was still upset.

As Bel describes it, it is "emotional porn".

I would recommend not watching alone.

As a film by Lars von Trier should probably be disqualified, I am going to include an Irish pair as well.

Films about Irish Independence issues always engage me and get the blood pumping, but these two additionally gave me such a weight of personal sadness for the characters.

In The Name Of The Father because it is true, so when ... you know ... I just feel so sad that he didn't ... you know ... to see his son ... you know ...

Plus watching it recently was especially sad now that the great Pete Postslethwaite is no longer with us. In fact, knowing the storyline I started crying a bit in advance.

And The Wind That Shakes The Barley... my goodness. Um, don't scroll down if you haven't seen it. And definitely don't look at the picture.



You're not scrolling down are you?



Okay, so you know how some films give their characters a false happy ending and you're like "this sucks!!"?

Well, at the end of this one I felt like standing up and shouting (through my sobs) "No!! Rewind!!! Make it a happy ending!! I wanna haaaapppppy eeennnnnndddiinnnng!!!"

One thought on “30 Days of Film: Lou's Day 4”

  1. BAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA we both wrote about Dancer In The Dark!! TRAUMA hahhahahaaa

    Wind That Shakes The Barley upset me so much I couldn't make it through it. I started watching it on one of those nights when you're not really in the mood for something heavy and so after about 20 minutes, I was like "PULL UP PULL UP" and put on some 30 Rock instead.

    PS you and your Irish films! haha