30 Days of Film: Bel's day 4

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A film that makes you sad

Three films that make me cry every time:

Aaah, Two Cars One Night. Simple, funny, poignant. So much about this short film cracks me up - and yet by the end of it I still feel the tears welling.

Amelie. Oh Amelie! Obviously I don't mean the whole film here, how could that be, when it is one of the most joyous and uplifting films to watch??

I just mean one scene in particular, which will have me sniffing and snivelling every time - despite the fact that I've watched this film so many times over.

It's the bit when Amelie sets things up so the owner (Bre - to - deau!) of the time capsule she's discovered comes across it seemingly randomly.

He is amazed to see once again all these relics of his childhood and we enter a beautiful swirl of flashbacks. ("La pince! La piiiiiince!")

Amelie is slyly watching this carthatic moment, revelling in her good deed. They then cross paths in a bar, Amelie not revealing her identity as he muses aloud and talks of the childhood he is missing out on by not connecting with his grandson. (Amelie then does this super cute hiccup thing.)

The anticipation and nostalgia of this scene is overwhelming, and beautifully acted and shot. For me, it is the highlight of a film which reigns supreme in my opinions.



My third example is Dancer In The Dark. I assume this is a film that would make me cry every time - except that I will never watch it again.

Have I blogged about this before?? Oh well, gather round while nana retells it.

I had gotten my wires crossed with this film - I'd heard it was a musical and then for some reason thought that the music video for Bjork's It's Oh So Quiet was from in the movie. So I was expecting something in the vein of Hollywood golden age song and dance Singing In The Rain type thing.

SPOILER: totally not like that.

I restarted the DVD twice because I thought that I had accidentally put on a behind-the-scenes feature. Then I realised that this gritty, underplayed cinema veritie style was the actual movie. And then I spent the next two hours getting my emotions pummelled right in the face.

I was home alone with no flatmates around and when it finished (I was sobbing by then), I called a friend and managed to choke out: "I... (cry cry) just watched... Dancer In The Dark... (cry cry) by myself!". My friend was aghast. "You did what?! Why?? Where are you? Stay there! I'm coming round!" And I was then taken out for a restorative hot chocolate and warned thoroughly about the dangers of Lars Von Trier.

(Gasp! I just realised I re-watched Good Will Hunting the other night and THAT made me cry! Evil Lars Von Trier.)