Pet Peeve #6

| Posted by Lou | The time is 6.34pm here in London UK |

I hate paying to be advertised to.

When I go to the cinema and they play more than twenty minutes of ads (and that's not including the previews) I start to feel pathological anger. (Yes Odeon, I'm looking at you.)

When I buy/rent a DVD and pop it in and a whole bunch of ads come on, I start to feel pathological anger.

But my biggest pet peeve of this realm is that stupid - STUPID - anti-priacy ad. You know the one: "you wouldn't steal a car... you wouldn't steal a hand-bag..."

1. This ad only ever shows up on legit DVDs/ cinema screenings. You know, after you've paid. Which sort of implies that you are actually supporting the industry and not in fact pirating. Preaching to the choir much?

2. The examples are not comparable. Stealing a car is a very different thing than downloading a film.

3. Downloading something you actually wouldn't pay for so would never see otherwise actually does enhance the word-of-mouth marketing of that film. (Well, unless it's shit. In which case, who cares?) And in this world of spin-offs and sequels that potentially creates a paying customer for the next film's cinema release.

4. Fundamentally, how do they know I wouldn't steal a car?

5. Oh, and did I mention that the ad just generally sucks? And that if I see it one more time it might push me over the edge?

N.B.: I strongly advocate against the downloading of Kiwi cinema, of course. But when it comes to those Hollywood fuckers, go for your life. Unless the protagonist is a genuinely great female character, in which case you should give them money.

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