Pet Peeve #4

| Posted by Lou | The time is 5.51pm here in London UK |

What the fuck is the point of electric hand driers that don't actually dry your hands? All they provide is a limp gust of lukewarm air that would take days, if not years, to actually dry anything. They're just a big fat waste of the world's resources. Bring back hand towels!

(A caution to Wellingtonians: The Apartment bar has the ultimate combination of limp hand driers ("hand ticklers" is perhaps a more accurate term (actually I'm not even sure that there's enough gust to tickle)) and towels that are stuck behind glass, just to provide that extra slap in the face as you wipe your hands on your dress on your way out.)

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    (And I also had a giggle to myself remembering clawing at the glassed-in hand towels. And then got peeved at them being glassed-in when the damn electric hand drier is so useless!)

  2. I have also ranted about the glassed in towels. YOU MOCK MY PAIN, glass towels.

    More places should have the hand dryer that the Cross has, a Dyson jet thing you stick your hands down into. I like American dryers that are so fierce they make your skin ripple.

    But I also like paper towels, useful for fixing up lipstick and giving yourself a wipedown if you're sweaty.

  3. Those hand driers where you dip your hands in and pull them out slowly and they're actually dry are One Of The Best Things Ever.

    But! Pet Peeve #4b: People who don't bother looking at the diagram for the Hand Driers That Actually Work and wave their hands in and out thus not drying them as effectively and using more electricity and time than is necessary.

  4. I love the hand driers where you INSERT your hands. They have heaps of them in Christchurch. They also have some in the mall in the Hutt I think.

  5. They are also in the toilets in the Town Hall on the ground floor by MFC. Not that I frequent them solely for their awesome jet engine force hand dryers or anything. Cough.

  6. The Southern Cross also has those inserty hand driers.

    One feministy drinks, I can remember ranting to someone in the Apartment bathroom complaining about the glassed-in towels. That whoever it was laughed and agreed with me made me so very happy.