Pet Peeve #2

| Posted by Bel | The time is 8.46am here in Wellington NZ |

Why is there never soy milk in the chiller section of the supermarket?

There is like a BILLION different types of dairy products, including cow milk in every possible incarnation from full milk bursting at the seams with cream, to organic with extra vitamins added and every gram of fat zapped out.

Yoghurt has become an industry of its own in recent years. No longer do we just have strawberry Fresh N Fruity slowly going tepid in kids' lunchboxes, the varieties are now seemingly ENDLESS and eye-booglingly exotic. There is even available a yoghurt specifically for men [trigger warning: for utterly inane sexism].

And yet if - SAY! - you were someone who enjoyed eating a bowl of cereal at your desk in the morning, and consuming the breastmilk of another mammal not only made you feel queasy at the thought, but also wreaked havoc on your sinuses, you are PLAIN OUTTA LUCK. Because your only option is to buy boxed soy milk off the shelf.

And then it is all warm and gross and you have to wait, like, ages before you can have your cereal! Unlike all those selfish Fonterra-loving milk guzzlers who swan by, pick up their glistening and beaded bottles, and waltz on to an instanteously delicious (and correctly temperatured) meal.

3 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #2”

  1. Funny as Tesco are SHIT (it took me several visits to find the tiny vegetarian product section, and I am yet to discover the location of tinned lentils), but they do have soy milk in the chiller.

  2. You need to head to Miramar New World ... yeah, ok, it's a bit of a trek but they do have soy milk in the chiller section!

  3. Yes, I am speaking specifically about New World Metro here. (What could be more 'metro' than chilled soy?? sheesh!)