Bel spills seven beans

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The rules of the game are thus: 
All ye who are tagged as stylish bloggers have to spill seven interesting beans about yourselves before passing the baton of nomination on to seven others. 
The world becomes a marginally happier, more knowledgeable place, blog friendships are developed and sealed and everyone gets a unicorn.
Well not quite, but it’s a bit of fun at least, right?

Hah! Unicorn. That reminds me of Webstock. I was chatting with someone in the coffee queue and said how I didn't know anyone there. She goes, "Yeah me neither really. Well, I know one person. They're wearing a tee-shirt of unicorns fucking."

Annnnnyyyyway. Onto spilling the beans...
  1. I've been in the running for a style award for decades now. Here's me in 1991:
    It's Zsa Zsa Gabor meets Blossom. Those tissues are so you can wipe away your tears of awe. The lidded bucket next to it is, if I recall, our compost bin.
  2. That cute little kitty I am holding there died last week, a grumpy and deaf old man cat aged 20 years. He survived being horrifically (horrifically) attacked by a neighbour's dog last Christmas and had many more days of lazing on the driveway, hissing at other toms, and yeowling for food. RIP Zippy! May your cushion be forever in a sunny spot.
  3. I have never broken a bone or had a filling.
  4. I blog every week about shopping and style on another website. Sometimes I really love it and the creative people I get to meet; other times I feel like a shallow, vacuous version of Carrie Bradshaw. Yes. Like Carrie Bradshaw, except actually more shallow and vacuous. Sigh.
  5. I'm wearing my boots this week so I guess that means it's officially autumn.
  6. This is my favourite song right now:
  7. Our car is FFFFFFUUUU and we will be eating red beans and rice for the next three months. 
Well, it's tricky choosing people to pass on this Stylish Blogger Award because most of the blogs I read (with their fabulously stylish authors) have already been tagged by MeganWegan, who tagged Lou and I, or by QoT! But here are a couple more of whom I'd like to see their answers:

First is Leanne of Whaipainga. Her blog is all about grassroots goodness and having been on the receiving end of her crafty creations, I can vouch for her greenthumbs!

Also, the verbose, vibrant and vivacious Anna who can be found on her posterous blog and also on twitter