A really tactical person

| Posted by Bel | The time is 4.09pm here in Wellington NZ |

Him: Yeah, so then, like, I applied for the Peace Corps.

Her: Oh wow, I thought you had to be American to serve in the --

Him: Except you have to be American to get in there, so I'm kinda scouting around now.

Her: Right, seeing what to do next?

Him: Totally. I got put in touch with the UN, but I just don't think that's my thing.

Her: No, of course not. Um. Why not?

Him: Awh, man, I would just hate that, you know. Working for the UN is an office job, man! You're in New York, you're tied to a desk, that's just not me. It's all strategising and I'm a really tactical person, you know? I need to be on the ground, making the plans, making it happen.

Her: Yeah, wow, of course. So what will you do next then?

Him: What? Um, I dunno aye.

A true story, overheard by Bel in Satay Kingdom today.

5 thoughts on “A really tactical person”

  1. I wish you had been there! We could have mimed stabbing out own eyes out with chopsticks together... aaawwh. Good times.

    PS I saved myself the trauma of retelling their 20 minutes ruminating on vaccinations. (Summary: They're good! Everyone knows it! But let's talk for a painfully long time about the theories of those who think otherwise.)

  2. It sounds like someone I know, only replace 'Peace Corps' with 'Toi Whakaari' and 'UN' with Wellington Performing Arts Centre.

    P.S. If this is a first date, that's pretty forward thinking to get the lowdown on immunisation.

  3. I'm embarassed to say they sound like they're from my course.

    (holds hand in the air) I solemnly swear never to have conversations like that in Satay Kingdom.

    Auntie Mena's however.... ;)

    @ Lottchen, ha ha ha!