A Kaleidoscope of Christmas

| Posted by Lou | The time is 6.00pm here in London UK |

I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too! Here is a chronology of my highlights. There were also plenty of dvds, games, laughs, and oh so much booze.

Eggnog - so gross!! Don't do it!

The performance of Di's life - giving a rendition of Fairytale of New York in order to win a mystery gift (a Corrie apron):

The HUGE Christmas Tree (at Cara and Chris'), bursting with gifts:

Best Thing Ever - a musical cake server with Christmas, Birthday, Wedding and Congratulations songs (from Chris):

Di's lovely new t-shirt (from Chris), my awesome cat hat (from Cara), and Chris' new tatts (from Ruthie):

Chris with his new nerd literature (from me) and tatts (from Ruthie):

The succulent chicken that died in order to make our Christmas Day a gluttonous one:

So much food! So much yumminess!:

Five very full, very satisfied people:

The pavlova, which had slumped in the middle and thus had cream, coulis and choccies applied to try and disguise the horror:

Does this count as White Christmas?? Random patches of leftover frozen snow??:

Ducks and swans enjoying their Christmas dinner:

Greenland Dock's frozen head as it tries to reach the strangely silent Thames:

The ladies posing in front of Canary Wharf:

One thought on “A Kaleidoscope of Christmas”

  1. Eggnog! Hah. I'd always wondered.

    I much enjoyed your token 'snow'. In future years you'll look back and have hazy joyful memories of the picturesque blizzard that set the seasonal tone perfectly heheheee ;)

    Has the cake server already been thrown at the wall in annoyance at its repetitive musical bleeping??