Update: Hair crisis and make-up boredom

| by Lou | 12.04pm UK time |

In the aftermath of the hair crisis, KGB who I bought the voucher from have told me they will refund the money I paid. A strongly worded email to the hairdressing salon garnered an apology and an offer for free colour treatments (which I will not be taking up).

The colour is okay, but I don't particularly like it. It looks like a glowing beacon in daylight (though as London is plunged into typical overcast darkness that might not be a problem), and then looks okay in the evening time.

Excuse the terrible photo, but this best shows the luminous roots and also my all-important accessories (sparkly clutch from Bel, Diana F+ camera, glass of bubbly):

I reckon I'll leave it a couple of weeks to recover a little bit, then put a darker red through to try and tone it down a bit (though the roots coming through might do that anyway).

To liven up my extremely boring life of make-up I bought a blue colour palette and have gone back to liquid eye-liner (and found it's so much easier to use than on previous attempts).

I did feel a little bit more lively in the photos than my usual pale canvas, though that might have been the rosiness of high wine intake and a very successful matchmaking attempt by the bride:

6 thoughts on “Update: Hair crisis and make-up boredom”

  1. "like a glowing beacon in daylight" yeah you still gotta convince me what's wrong with that! I love the colour you salvaged, I think it looks fantastic, especially with all those blues.

    And, yes, liquid eyeliner is something that gets easier with perseverance :D

  2. Yeah... I was stuck on/intrigued by the term 'successful' as well ... :) Go Lou!

    I agree with ma petite Belle, I love the colour you salvaged as well and you looked super hot in the photo.

    Liquid eyeliner? No experience of it = no comment

  3. Liquid eyeliner question to ladies who know ...

    What the F do I do when I manage to get a great line but also miss a teensy bit of eyelid under the line?

    Going over it again seems to land me in one hell of a mess ... at the moment my strategy is to kohl first, smudge slightly and then finish with a liquid but there must be something easier.*

  4. My two strategies for that are either:

    - using an eyeliner brush (ie the very firm-tipped small variety) to apply a thin line of black eyeshadow over that, which will mask the gap but without spoiling your line too much... or

    - my new liquid eyeliner has a very long fine-tipped brush itself, and actually miraculously enables filling in the gap (if it's a tiny one) without fucking it up.

    Other times I just start afresh before it turns into a big fat mess and makes me 10 minutes late for whereever I'm going.