Recipe: Mojito punch

Posted by Bel. The time is 5.01pm here in Wellington NZ

  1. Get a punchbowl. We use our glass mixing bowl.
  2. Buy 2 litres of rum. Go hard and get something actually from Cuba, like Havana Club.
  3. Don't bother with sugar syrup, just use lemonade. Nothing too sweet though, the old classic Schweppes Dry is good, and I really like their Soda with a Twist of Lemon too. You need a couple of bottles of mixer for each bottle of spirits, depending on how bad you hate your own liver.
  4. Fresh ingredients are important! Lots of lovely slices of lemon and muddle a big pile of mint leaves, Sally Draper style. Lime is great too, but can be outrageously expensive. Non-concentrate lime juice can be an effective alternative if you go to a snazzy supermarket.
  5. Put it all in the bowl.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Extra for experts: keep a teatowel nearby because there is no way to pour punch without the glasses getting all drippy and sticky, especially as the night goes on.

One thought on “Recipe: Mojito punch”

  1. My last (as in, most recent and probably the last ever) mojito making expedition resulted in mucho drunkenness and a sort of not-quite-right taste as we had a really cumbersome ice-shaving mechanism that left it all tasting a bit rum-ish due to the lack of dilution. I think I drank 1.5 glasses of it over the entirety of an afternoon bbq and was somewhat pissed, which I think testifies for it probably being 90% alcohol....