A blog a day to fill the void that is Lou's absence

Posted by Bel. The time is 5.02pm here in Wellington NZ

Lou has gone away. To distract myself from the gaping hole in my day that is usually filled with communicating with her (Gmail tells me I have written her "hundreds" of emails. That is as precise as it gets, apparently), I shall blog daily.
It will be like Julie & Julia except with less whining and probably the same amount of Francophile covetousness.

Eww get up off the floor, you big whiner! That's not sanitary.
Yes, I will be taking requests so feel free to let me know what you'd like for me to cover over the next nearly fortnight. Here is a summary of some intended topics in the meantime:

  • Various book reviews (from The List and also non-List)
  • Bel's Guide to Sleep
  • Iceland: What is up with that place?
  • Abortion
  • A photo of my new hair do
  • Me reviewing some of the movies that Lou saw about 6 months ago (damn you, northern hemisphere!)

3 thoughts on “A blog a day to fill the void that is Lou's absence”

  1. Im all for the Hair-do post!

    Walked past the place where you got your hair did and wondered if you came out of there sporting synthetic dreads like the window display :-P

    oO WWS Oo