I got my hair did

Posted by Bel. The time is 9.15am here in Wellington NZ

Et voila, here is the photographic evidence, as requested!


Unfortunate lighting makes it look as if my hair was two-tone, or a botched home dye job or something, WHICH IT WAS NOT sheesh.

I usually dye my hair myself with ammonia-free organic based dyes, which you can get from health food stores. The amazing thing about these is that a) they don't stink to high hell and b) they don't burn the crap out of your scalp. This actually makes it a bit hard to tell if they are even dying your hair! But the product is lovely and they fade out very naturally, rather than a harsh regrowth line.

Way before:




After: (Fo reals)

I call this "Messy Bun, After the Rain (August, 2010)".

This one evokes all the horror and versimilitude of a passport photo. Fun.

Close up shot. As if we were standing awkwardly on a bus together.

I got my hair did by Dom at Wildilocks on Cuba St. Highly recommended! Ignore the scary mannequins in the store window and check them out.

They have lots of organic products in stock and use ammonia-free dyes which are better for your head and for the environment. (A chemical is still used to activate the dye, but it is a fruit acid, rather than a chemical chemical.) I like the idea of going somewhere where their main focus is outside of the mainstream - my do was tame by their standards; the woman next to me was getting her hair bleached out in preparation for white dreads being put in - and she was a pagan witch/legal administrator.

Dom also did my hair all fancy for my birthday a few months back. I don't really have any good photos of that either - none that do it justice - but to give you an idea, here is the crappy PhotoBooth photo I took to show Lou after having texted her incessantly about it:

Aah PhotoBooth. Causing people to have dodgy eye levels since ages ago.

It was a bit bouffant and a bit curly-loopy and a bit Joan so all in all quite lovely. No matter that I took in this photo as my reference, I was still very pleased with the glamorous final result.

PS please also note my Frida Kahlo cushion covers that were a gift from Lou! Awwhh... Lou.

6 thoughts on “I got my hair did”

  1. whoot nice hair doos *beams*

    i'm the lady that was next to you and i will be getting the dreads next weekend.. *excited skips*..

    also this is my blogg, about witchy stuff..yay *smiles and waves*

  2. Hahah I was scrolling through this alert in my inbox (obeying the rule of finding the link to the actual post in case you'd updated it since posting), and in my scrolling caught the jokes pic and was like HOLY MOTHER OF GOD then realised it was jokes :)

    Love the new colour styling, and the totally Liz Lemon like nature of the photos xxx

    PS FYI yes I did anxiously scan my inbox for a hair photo, ignoring the other 66 emails waiting...

  3. Hahahahhahaaaa You just totally validated my existence! ;D

    I do not have a photo of this, so you will have to 1) imagine really hard and 2) believe me that it was awesome.

    On Saturday night, I crimped the fuck outta my hair so it looked like a bag of brunette Grainwaves and then did a bouffant fringe bordering on Janelle Monae proportions. The crimping made the crimson streaks stand out like crazy so there was a Bride of Frankenstein effect going on as well..