She loves the environment so much she probably lives there!

Posted by Bel. The time is 8:53pm here in Wellington, NZ.

Slapping the eco-friendly label on anything possible has become increasingly popular. John Key has recently dug himself a hole by stating that New Zealand is committed to climate change and then refusing to meet with those seeking to instigate action. FYI, Mr PM: treating Keisha Castle-Hughes like a whiny kid was not a good look. Many of us think she has a point.

Our country has long prided itself on its 'clean, green' image and the good causes we hold close. The weeks of hype building up to the reinstated 'Telethon' were soured by revelations within hours that high administrations costs meant the underprivileged kids would only actually be receiving a small percentage of every dollar raised.

Having in the last month been involved with coordinating fundraising for a 'not-for-profit', I know this is no easy job. But the focus must be on the end result - helping those in need. Whether it be in the community or from an environmental angle, some of that onus also falls on the general public.

Check out who you give your money to. Make sure they are a registered charity or incorporated society. There will be information available on exactly how and where they spend the money they receive. If you are motivated to donate, then make sure your cash is going where you want it to! Then get committed and set up an AP. Even just a monthly $5 would be appreciated by any of the organisations or community groups that you come in to contact with or have been supported by.

On the lighter side of things, this video puts a spin on the issue, mocking those who throw themselves into saving the world - to about ankle deep: has taken heart at this style satire of Stiles', particularly in light of recent comments from US supermodel Erin Wasson:

"The people with the best style, for me, are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to like Venice Beach and I see the homeless, I'm like, oh my god, you're pulling out like crazy looks".

Wasson has worked for everyone from Vogue to Maybelline over the last decade and just launched her own range of designer clothing. No word yet on just what the carbon footprint will be, or on how she intends to make accessible to those 'poorest people' her new line of products.

2 thoughts on “She loves the environment so much she probably lives there!”

  1. Ten Shirts I Hate About You - hahahahaha

    So, am I the only person heading to line up to punch that Supermodel fucktard in the face?

  2. Oh no - there's a queue.

    And go to the 'Julia Stiles Styles' website for more hilarious titles taking the piss... it's brilliant!!