The Bard, 2009 styles

Posted by Lou. The time is 8.53pm here in London, UK.

In the weekend I headed out to Stratford-Upon-Avon to enjoy unbeatable Englishness and see an RSC production of As You Like It. The production was, of course, magnificent. As were the giftshops...

Here is me reading one of my purchases, a manga version of Romeo and Juliet:

"O, I am fortune's fool!"

It's pretty cool - original text, but a cut down version of, set in modern day Japan.

My friend picked up the graphic novel of King Lear, which uses the full text, allowing me to acquaint myself with the storyline on the train home.

I love that they're continuing to adapt and evolve Shaky-spear's works for a new and modern audience without losing the original words.

PS yes, the primary purpose of this post was indeed to copy Bel and insert a photo of me looking all bookish too, with the secondary purpose of capturing my new haircut but it's not really that clear in the photo

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