*crosses fingers* please don't suck! please don't suck!

Posted by Bel. The time is 9:50pm here in Wellington, NZ.

The official trailer for The Lovely Bones is up. You can go view it over on apple.com (click here for direct link) in either small, medium or whoops there goes our GBs for the month.

I'll wait here while you go check it out.


Ok what did you think?

Apparently the release was quite a big deal in the States, with Entertainment Tonight doing a screening of a trailer of the trailer. This however resulted in much online mockery, rather than exultant hype, including some speculation on just how awful Mark Wahlburg's wig is going to look.

For me, it was a narrative heavy trailer, blatantly laying out the storyline as opposed to creating a sense of atmosphere. Peter Jackson has been quoted as saying the optimism of the novel drew him to the project, but there are some pretty cliched horror shots in there. It will be interesting to see how this balances out - but I think many people have forgotten how brilliant a film Heavenly Creatures is, and I hope this will be the same kind of mix.

At least we know it won't be as bad as - you know - that other upcoming film. The other adaptation of which we have vowed to never speak. *wipes away a tear*

PS Here is some speculation on why Ryan Gosling was booted off The Lovely Bones back in the early days.

PPS I can't believe I'm the first to put a Ryan Gosling tag in here.

3 thoughts on “*crosses fingers* please don't suck! please don't suck!”

  1. Can I also say that I went "OMG Christopher Moltisanti!!" when I saw him on the screen, which is a sad indication of what a mentalist Sopranos fan I am.

    In fact, that alone will probably ruin the film for me, as it will be too much of an utter distraction.

  2. I think it looks brilliant!!!! Unlike that other adaptation that I am going to take one for the team by watching in a few weeks, it totally exceeds what I had imagined when reading the book. I love that they focussed on the other daughter as well, against the Hollywood tendency minimise the female characters if there's a guy to focus on. The casting of Susie is magnificent too.

    PS I had forgotten that PJ lost weight and got a surprise seeing him.

    PPS My firm belief (based on sources and knowledge of both) is that PJ just plain hated working with Ryan - he's a needy method actor, whereas PJ does his work in the casting.

  3. Or were you surprised bc he DOESN"T BLINK AT ALL in that intro!!

    Lou, you are truly a warrior of the cinematic battlefields, wading in to attempt to survive That Other Film. I salute you!
    I have been meaning to blog about Che - the experience of nearly 5 hrs at the movies in one go needs to be recorded...!