30 to 30: In which I go to the gym so you don't have to.

| by Bel | 

  • Women only gyms are different to co-ed gyms. The atmosphere is less competitive and there's a wider variety of body shapes.
  • Don't drink water before the end-of-session ab tracks in your aerobics class. No matter how thirsty you are, hold out. Don't dooooo it!! Having a big swig of water and then launching into crunches will make you want to vomit.
  • The first class of spin is cruel on your crotch, but you soon get used to it (/destroy sensitivity in that area?).
  • Treat the free shit like you paid for it. Because really you did. Any of those "free" personal training sessions they give you when you pay the joining fee, make sure you book 'em in. If they have a sauna or massage bed, get stuck into it.
  • No one cares what gym gear you're wearing.
  • But maybe it will make a difference to you? Wearing a matchy-matchy ensemble where my shoes are coordinated with my leggings and singlet makes me feel like I am part of a TEAM! Here to WORK IT! To go for GOLD!
  • (I am assuming that you are wearing a supportive bra and comfy shoes. Which of course you are.)
  • When you bump into your boss half naked in the changing rooms, just maintain eye contact. In the eyes.
  • When the instructor enthusiastically yells "Sing along, you guys!", no one will sing along.