30 to 30: Consolation prize

| by Bel | 

Lovely long weekend here and since I missed three days, here are three outfits and three nails to satisfice. (AND A PHOTO OF MY CAT.)

Outfit for SlutWalk protest:
Faux fur coat - Collectif (early birthday gift from the wonderfulest Lou!!)
Merino cardigan - Minnie Cooper
Chucks with red glitter laces 
Catseye sunglasses - you can get similar ones off TradeMe

Outfit for rainy days:
Raincoat - Farmers. It folds up into its own pocket!
Hoodie - AS Colour
Catseye glasses - free online with a voucher

Outfit for being fance:
Dress - Jacqui E. I feel so Mad Men wearing it!
Wedges - Hush Puppies

Necklace - Agatha Paris (YES I BOUGHT IT IN PARIS. But apparently there is a boutique in Auckland?)
And I did my hair with hot rollers.

Butter London 'West End Wonderland'.
Bought in a sale online, I can't bring myself to spend the $35 in Farmers.

Me: OPI Nicki Minaj collection 'Pink Friday'
Brookie: Australis 'Sweet Pea' base with
OPI Nicki Minaj collection 'Fly' french tips.

OPI Nicki Minaj collection 'Did It On 'Em' base with Orly 'It's Up To Blue' french tips

Nails being put to good use, tickling Bluejay under her chin.

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